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Wild Planet Safari offer Value For Money Private Tours to Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe.

A journey to Africa is a once in a lifetime experience for many people. We take pride in making sure that we provide you with the best experience possible. We focus on personal attention, you will join Wild Planet Safari as guests but you will leave as part of the Wild Planet Family.

Wild Planet Safari team members will make sure you feel welcome and we will take time to get to know you as an individual, we form long term friendships with our guests, with us you are not treated as just a source of income. We run mid range and budget Private tours, this is what we have done since we started in 2011. Wild Planet Safari is a family owned and operated company with offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We are a small team of highly passionate individuals who cannot wait to welcome you to the land we love.

Keep reading to find out more about our Kruger Safari`s or click here to find out more about our Zimbabwe Tours.

Our Kruger National Park Safari`s have been a huge hit with many of our guests, we have over 100 reviews that can confirm we are reliable and the best option for your Private Kruger Safari. We have a wide range of Kruger Safari options to suite the amount of time you have and your budget. We use National Park accommodation inside Kruger National Park, this means we can spend all our time on making sure your trip is perfect and do not waste your time by trying to manage a lodge and your safari at the same time. It also means that you will start your day inside Kruger and not having to wait in line to enter from outside the park.

Our guides are experts in Kruger National Park and most importantly this is where they want to be guiding. Too many companies send their guides to too many different parks and reserves, the guides are not inside Kruger often enough to know where the hotspots for finding animals are and the guides get grumpy when they have to leave their comfort zone on the small private reserves. All of our guides are fully trained overnight guides, this is a very important point to factor into your decision making, there is a huge difference between a day trip guide and an overnight guide. A day trip guide cannot provide the same experience as our guides for more than a few hours at a time, our professional guides will keep you entertained throughout the day and far into the night. Our guides spend more nights in the park than any of our competitors and they guide in Kruger because they love it. Wild Planet Safari guides are all born to do this job, they are passionate, knowledgeable, fun , friendly and extremely proud of what they do and most importantly the Wild Planet Safari team are very proud of them.

A Private Kruger Safari is undoubtedly the best way to experience Kruger, your guide will quickly pick up on your interests and you will have exclusive time throughout the safari to ask all the questions you may have. Our Private Safari`s are operated in closed safari vehicles, this is an absolute must in order to receive the personal attention from the guide that you are paying for. In a closed vehicle you are together with the guide and can communicate with each other for the duration of the safari. In an open safari vehicle the guest is separated from the guide and communication is only possible once the vehicle has come to a stop, Imagine all the stories of the bush and interesting information you will miss while the guide is driving.

A Private Safari will cost more than a group safari but the personal attention you will receive and the access you will have to your knowledgeable guide far outweigh the difference. Our Private Kruger Safari prices are competitive with some expensive group tour companies and are the most affordable among the other private tour operators in Kruger. Beware of companies offering cheap Kruger Safaris that claim to be private but are not and watch out for group tours that have guests join at different times on your safari, this will cause you to hear the same introduction to the species over and over again each time someone new joins the group. Something else to consider is the number of Private reserves there are surrounding Kruger National Park, there are 100`s, the wildlife viewing inside Kruger is far superior to most of the private reserves and the Private Reserves that do compare to Kruger are very high priced. Some of the private reserves are more than an hours drive from the gates to Kruger this will mean you will start your day more than 2 hours before sunrise or you will get to Kruger late and miss the best time for wildlife spotting.

There are many reasons why you should choose Wild Planet Safari over the 100`s of other Kruger Safari options but none are more convincing than the reviews we have received from our previous guests. We have reviews on four different platforms, all are independently audited and we have far more reviews than most of our competitors.  


We have a large catalogue of tours for you to choose from and if you can`t find what you are looking for we will create a new itinerary for you.

Please send us a request from this Website, just click on the book now button above and send us a direct message.


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3 Male Cheetah on Kruger Safari

Kruger Safari

Kruger National Park is the most exciting and diverse wildlife destination in South Africa.
Wild Planet Safari offer multiple safari options for Kruger. Our tours overnight inside Kruger and can be private or in a small group.

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Family Tours

Wild Planet Safari offer a range of tours that are focused on Family travel. A trip to South Africa is a once in a lifetime experience for any family and we strive to meet the needs and provide a fun experience for each member of your family.

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Overland Tours

An Overland Tour travels around a country and visits more than one particular highlight. Wild Planet Safari offer 2 fantastic overland adventures that combine wildlife experiences in the bush, beach and the mountains.

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Kruger Group Safari

Kruger National Park is a bucket list destination for all fun loving adventurers around the world. It is a Flagship National park for Africa and has a species diversity to rival the best National Parks Worldwide. Kruger National park is a destination in high demand especially in the Peak season from July to October. During this peak season Wild Planet Safari run the most fun and adventurous Kruger Group Safaris. 

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Zimbabwe Safari

Zimbabwe is an unbelievable travel destination and now that the political situation has been somewhat corrected it is the perfect adventure tourism destination for all travel enthusiasts. Wild Planet Safari operate tours to Zimbabwe ranging from 3 to 7 days. Destinations range for the magnificent Victoria Falls to Big 5 National Parks teeming with animals. You may also choose between our budget, mid range and luxury options.

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