Kruger Camping Safari Season

7 April 2019, Sunday

Kruger National Park is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa, Kruger is home to all of the flagship species of animals that call Africa home and most animal population numbers and densities are higher in Kruger than any other National Park in Africa. Kruger National Park is government run and offers multiple accommodation options, during the summer months (November to March) the temperatures soar around 40 degrees Celsius or well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is during the Kruger Camping Safarisummer months that Kruger National Park and the surrounding areas receive the most rainfall for the year, the high heat and rainfall make the summer months fairly unpopular months for a Kruger camping safari, however the Autumn, Winter and Spring months (April to October) have very little to no rain and the temperature drops to a level more suitable for enjoying the back to basics camping safari.

“Kruger Camping Safari Season runs from April to October”

Kruger National Park have some very comfortable accommodation options including Traditional African thatched huts, called Rondawels, Bungalows, Chalets and Lodge Rooms each option is air conditioned and has an en suite washroom. The South African currency, the Rand, is a fairly weak currency worldwide and the accommodation units are relatively cheap for most overseas guests, so why choose a Kruger camping safari?

Why Choose a Kruger Camping Safari?

The connection to nature is amplified while camping in Kruger Park, visitors travel from all over the planet to see the wild animals and enjoy the magnificent wildlife encounters that are possible in Kruger. Most of the wildlife viewing is done during the daylight hours from the comfort and safety of a vehicle, as the sun sets all visitors in Kruger must return to their accommodation for the night, most guests will enter their rooms and relax inside with the air conditioning on blocking out all sounds from theKruger Campsite wild world outside. Campers enjoy the safari experience throughout the night, sleeping in a tent does provide a comfort barrier needed for a good night sleep in the bush, while a tent is great at keeping annoying mosquitoes and other pesky insects out it does allow the wonderful sounds of the African wildlife to penetrate. The sounds travel much further during the night and campers often wake up at different times of the night to the whooping of hyena or the booming territorial call of a lion. Lying in a tent at night in Kruger is a Safari experience on it`s own, there are many different sounds to tune in on including a cacophony of different insect calls, night birds, such as owls and night-jars,  frogs and of course the predators of the night.

“Lying in a tent at night in Kruger is a Safari experience on it`s own”

Due to the fact that there are far fewer nights with rain during camping Safari season it is not always necessary to have the rain cover over the top of the tent, visitors can camp in the mosquito proof shell of the tent and enjoy views of the night sky while drifting away to the lullaby of the bush. The night sky in Kruger is quite outstanding and nothing creates a more romantic setting than staring up at the flickering beauty from the comfort of a tent.Kruger Campsite visitor

A Kruger Camping Safari is also a much more social experience than staying in the more private accommodated options, tents are spread out  across the camp and campers are often seen sitting out under the shade of the trees enjoying conversations with neighbors about the day`s safari experiences, there are no strangers at a Kruger Rest Camp, just fellow campers you have not had the chance to meet. Camping is a social activity by nature and no social setting can compare to fellow campers around a fire sharing stories with a cold beverage of choice in hand.

“There are no strangers at a Kruger Rest Camp, just fellow campers you have not had the chance to meet”

A Kruger Camping Safari also allows the traveler to be even more budget conscious and the cost of camping is at least 25 % cheaper than accommodated options. That is a great reason to visit Kruger as a camper, more savings could mean more nights spent on safari which in turn will add to a greater experience. There are 12 public campsites inside Kruger National Park, the different camps range in size, all have shared ablutions blocks with male and female ablutions separate from each-other, most campsites have electricity points, all the campsites have a barbeque stand (Braai stand) and communal kitchens. The most prized campsites at any of the 13 public rest camps are always the sites along the fence as this allows the camper to see out past the fence and keep an eye out for any passers by, spotted hyena are seen patrolling the fences at most of the camps on a nightly basis.

Top 5 Camps in Kruger

Map of Kruger National Park

  1. Tsendze Rustic Camp: Tsendze is one of 3 camps inside Kruger National Park that is dedicated to campers and has no other accommodation on offer, it is a small camp with space for 32 campsites. The camp has no electric points and the ablutions are lit up at night using paraffin lamps and solar powered lights. There are hot showers that are heated using gas and the area surrounding the campsites has been left in it`s natural state, this means that the trees, bushes and grasses in the fenced off camp are the same as on the other side of the fence, this creates a very natural feel to the camp and it attracts many birds and smaller mammals into the camp. Visitors can enjoy watching fantastic birdlife, squirrels at play and the local mongoose gang all whilst relaxing in the shady campsites. Some of the campsites are situated along the camp fence line and these campsites have fantastic views into the bush and chances of spotting elephants during the day and spotted hyena at night. The fact that Tsendze Camp has no electricity means that most of the big caravans stay away and this adds to the wild feel and allows for much more open spaces than the other main camps.
  2. Satara Rest Camp: Satara is one of the bigger main camps in Kruger and has space for around 70 campsites, what makes Satara special is the flat rolling grasslands that surround the camp. The vast views from the fence line are memorizing and campers can spend hours sitting, waiting and watching the wildlife as they move freely across the plains.  Bigger camps also have more area to explore and a walk around the whole of Satara camp can take around an hour. There is a shop, a restaurant and a swimming pool at Satara. The campsites are powered and the best sites are most certainly the camps along the western fence line. The area around the camp offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Kruger and there are many established lion prides in the area.
  3. Maroela Campsite: Maroela is another camp that is reserved for campers and has no other accommodation options. Maroela is a small intimate camp with only 12 campsites. The camp is on the banks of the Timbavati River and the best campsites are along the fence line that borders the dry river. A variety of animals can be seen during the day in the dry riverbed and vultures nest in the huge trees across the river from the camp. Hyena`s visit the camp every night and stare up at the barbeques (Braai) while the campers cook their meat, elephants are seen regularly digging for water in the Timbavati river and we have enjoyed sightings of Wild Dog from our campsites in Maroela in the past. Maroela is a powered camp but there is no restaurant, pool or shop, those amenities can be found 10km up the road at Orpen Rest Camp.
  4. Berg en Dal Rest Camp: Berg en Dal is a wonderful rest camp that offers a mix of all the best parts of the various Kruger camps in one. The vegetation surrounding the camp is in it`s natural state and attracts more birds and smaller mammals than most of the camps in Kruger and there is a short hiking trail that follows the perimeter of the camp that offers great wildlife viewing. The swimming pool is huge and is a great place to interact with fellow campers socially, the best camps are along the fence line of the Matjulu River and from here we have seen a huge variety of animals including lion, leopard, wild dog and black rhino. The campsites are all powered and there is a shop and restaurant. The area surrounding Berg en Dal is the only mountainous area in Kruger National Park and the views from the camp are spectacular.
  5. Balule Campsite: Balule is the last of the 3 Camps in Kruger that are restricted to campers, the camp is in the vicinity of the Olifants River however you cannot see the river from camp. You can see loads of different animals pass by the camp on the way to the Olifants river throughout the day and night. Balule is a very small camp with only 15 campsites. There are no electrical points at Balule and the ablutions are lit by solar powered lights and paraffin lamps. All but 4 of the campsites are on the fence line allowing campers to get up close to the nightly procession of skulking hyenas. There is no shop, swimming pool or restaurant at Balule but Olifants rest camp is only about 20km away and has all these facilities.

Do Wild Planet offer Camping Safari`s?

Yes we do! Wild Planet Safari was founded on our love for camping and we are proud to offer more camping safari options than any other company operating in Kruger. Our guides, who are are experts in creating the perfect camp atmosphere for guests to enjoy, camp on Kruger safaris throughout the year and each guide  has over 14 years camping experience under the belt. We truly believe that guests on a camping safari get more value from a Kruger tour and camping guests have far more time to engage with their guide. Kruger Camping SafariWild Planet Safari provide our camping guests with all the necessary equipment they will require to be comfortable and enjoy a Kruger Camping Safari. We supply guests with large nylon dome tents, the tent is big enough for an adult to stand inside without touching the roof with their head, the tents have a floor space of 8 square metres and have plenty space for 2 guests and their luggage, solo guests can have their own tent at no extra cost and the rain covers can be removed to open up the views of the stars at night. We provide sheets, pillows, sleeping bag stretcher beds and a foam mattress to ensure guests have a good night sleep.

“Wild Planet Safari provide our camping guests with all the necessary equipment they will require to be comfortable and enjoy a Kruger Camping Safari”

Wild Planet Safari operate private Kruger camping safari`s and our prices are the lowest private safari option available, our tours are booked exclusively for our guests whether they are a couple or a group. Our guides know all the best campsites at every camp in Kruger and are joined by an assistant, together they will set up the camp including guests tents, prepare all the meals and take the camp down when it is time to go, leaving guests more time to enjoy the facilities and their time in Kruger.Kruger Camping Safari

Wild Planet Safari also bring an electric camp freezer and an ice box to keep food and drinks cold, our trailer is fitted with batteries and inverters to make sure guests can charge cameras and phones when we are at camps with no power and we have an awning in case there is some unseasonal rain. We bring all the equipment necessary to create a fantastic bush restaurant including tables, chairs, lighting, utensils and  best of all, we do all the cooking, so guests can sit back, relax and enjoy themselves on safari. Our camping Safari options range from 3 to 11 days with the longer safari`s covering more areas of Kruger National Park. I have listed the different Camping Safari options that we offer below, each listing can be used to follow a link to more details on that particular safari.

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