6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari

6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari

Get ready for the ultimate adventure on our 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari! This safari is like a treasure hunt, designed just for families who want to explore and have fun together.

Imagine starting your journey along the Panorama Route, where you can walk to amazing viewpoints and see waterfalls up close. It's like stepping into a fairy tale! You'll feel like you're in a magical world, with nature all around you.

On the second day, hop on a boat cruise at Swadini Dam surrounded by the  Blyde River Canyon. Then, get ready to meet some scaly friends at the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre and learn about how animals are taken care of at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. It's going to be wild!

On the third day, get your binoculars ready for a full day of spotting amazing animals in Kruger National Park. You'll stay in two different rest camps inside the park, so you can really feel like a part of the wild! Imagine waking up to the sounds of lions roaring and elephants trumpeting – it's a real African adventure!

The next two days are all about exploring more of Kruger National Park before heading back to Johannesburg on day six. But don't worry, the adventure doesn't end there! You'll have so many stories to tell your friends and family back home.

This safari is all about you and your family, so you can choose where you want to stay and what you want to do. Whether you like cozy rooms or camping under the stars, we've got you covered! Plus, our guides are experts at making sure everyone has a great time, from the youngest explorer to the oldest adventurer.

Join us on this awesome 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari, where every day is a new adventure and there's something for everyone. Book now and get ready for a journey full of memories that will last a lifetime!


6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari

We provide all children under 12 a 50% discount and under the age of 16 a 25% discount.

We will also provide a group discount if a tour is booked for 4 or more people. Please contact us for more info.

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6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari
6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari
6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari


Day 1: Johannesburg to Blyde River Canyon (Panorama Route)

Get ready for an exciting start to your 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari! Day 1 kicks off with a transfer from O.R. Tambo airport at 7:40 am, arriving at the charming town of Ohrigstad at 12:30. There, you’ll be greeted by your friendly guide, who will lead you on an adventure along the iconic Panorama Route.

First up, we’ll explore the historic town of Pilgrims Rest, where you’ll be transported back in time, experiencing its rich heritage and charm. Next, we’ll head to Graskop for a delicious lunch at a venue of your choice, offering a variety of culinary delights (at your own expense).

Our panoramic journey continues with stops at the awe-inspiring God’s Window, offering breathtaking views of the Lowveld. We’ll then visit Berlin Falls and Lisbon Falls, where you’ll witness the sheer beauty of nature in cascading waterfalls. The day reaches its climax at the iconic 3 Rondawels in the Blyde River Canyon, a geological wonder that will leave you speechless with its striking rock formations.

As the day winds down, we’ll arrive at the welcoming Forever Resort in the late afternoon. You’ll stay in comfortable Chalets with two bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, and a convenient small kitchen, ensuring a cozy and convenient stay. For dinner, our skilled chef will prepare a delicious meal at your chalet, providing a relaxed and personalized dining experience for you and your family.

Day 1 sets the tone for an unforgettable safari, immersing you in natural wonders and cultural richness. Indulge in the panoramic beauty of the route, savor delectable meals, and unwind in the comfort of your chalet, building anticipation for the adventures ahead. This is just the beginning of a journey designed to create lasting memories for your family.

Meals Included: Dinner

Day 2. Swadini Dam Boat Cruise, Hoedspruit Reptile Centre, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation centre and Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.

Get ready for an exciting Day 2 of your 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari! The day begins with a delicious breakfast at the resort, fueling you up for a day of adventure.

We kick off the morning with a relaxing boat cruise on Swadini Dam, nestled at the end of the majestic Blyde River Canyon. This leisurely cruise offers stunning views and a chance to unwind surrounded by nature’s beauty. There are also opportunities to spot Crocodiles and Hippos in Swadini Dam.

Next, we’ll visit the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre for an educational experience. You’ll get to see a variety of reptiles up close and learn about their unique characteristics and importance in the ecosystem.

After a morning of exploration, we’ll break for lunch at a local restaurant, where you can savor a variety of culinary delights (at your own expense). This is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the local flavors of the region.

Continuing our adventure, we’ll head to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Here, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to get up close and personal with orphaned and recovering wildlife. It’s a fascinating and informative experience that aligns perfectly with the educational aspect of our safari.

As the day transitions into evening, we’ll settle into the lodge situated in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. Our chef at the lodge will prepare a delicious dinner, allowing you to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures in the heart of the African wilderness. The lodge, nestled in natural surroundings, provides a comfortable and serene setting for a restful night after a day filled with exploration and wildlife encounters.

Your family will have two rooms, one with a double bed for the adults and one with two single beds for the children, both with en suite bathrooms. The exact lodge will be confirmed once the booking process is near completion.

Day 2 promises a perfect blend of adventure, education, and relaxation, setting the stage for more remarkable experiences in the days to come.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3. Hoedspruit to Kruger National Park.

Get ready for an unforgettable Day 3 of your 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari! We enjoy a relaxed start to the day with Breakfast at the Lodge before you and your family hop on an open safari vehicle for the day, exploring the magnificent Kruger National Park.

We take a short 1 hour drive to the gates to Kruger National Park, South Africa`s premiere National Park. We will enter through Orpen Gate and Take a slow drive through to Satara Camp.

As we journey through the grasslands, keep your eyes peeled for the incredible wildlife that calls this iconic reserve home. The drive is full of wonders, leading us to Satara Rest Camp just before sunset.

At Satara, families can relax in cozy rondawels, featuring two single beds, air conditioning, and en-suite bathrooms. 

To conclude this eventful day, dinner is served by the rondawels, creating a cozy and intimate setting for your family. Our chef ensures a culinary experience that reflects the flavors of South Africa, allowing you to savor the day’s adventures while sharing the joy of the safari with your loved ones.

Day 3 encapsulates the essence of a Kruger safari—immersive wildlife experiences, relaxation in comfortable surroundings, and the joy of family moments amidst the beauty of the African wilderness.

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 4. Kruger National Park – Satara Rest Camp

Get ready for an exciting Day 4 of your 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari! This day promises exhilarating wildlife experiences that will leave you in awe.

Rise with the sun for a captivating morning safari, where we’ll focus on seeking out predators amidst the dynamic landscapes of Kruger National Park. The golden hues of sunrise set the stage for a memorable day of discovery.

After the morning safari, indulge in a delightful breakfast at a carefully chosen picnic spot, surrounded by the sounds of the bush. This serene interlude offers a moment to absorb the natural beauty of Kruger before returning to Satara Rest Camp for a period of rest and relaxation. The camp provides a tranquil setting, allowing families to unwind amidst the sights and sounds of the wilderness.

A sumptuous lunch at the camp rejuvenates the senses, providing nourishment for the adventures that lie ahead. As the day progresses, embark on an afternoon safari drive, traversing the park’s diverse ecosystems. Our expert guides lead the way, enhancing your chances of encountering a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

As the sun begins its descent, return to camp to witness the magical hues of the African sunset. The evening unfolds with the family enjoying an own-expense dinner at the camp’s restaurant, savoring delicious cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

But the adventure doesn’t end there! The night sky beckons, and the family is invited to partake in a unique nocturnal experience—a night drive to discover Kruger’s elusive nocturnal animals. Led by experienced guides, this after-dark safari adds a touch of enchantment to your exploration of the park, allowing you to witness the wonders of the night.

Day 4 encapsulates the diverse offerings of Kruger National Park, from sunrise safaris to tranquil moments at the camp and the magic of nocturnal discoveries. It’s a day designed to create lasting memories and deepen your connection with the incredible wilderness that surrounds you.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day 5. Kruger National Park – Satara to Skukuza Rest Camp.

Day 4 of our 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari is a day designed for the whole family to enjoy! We start the day with an early meet-up for coffee and hot chocolate, gearing up for a morning exploration of the open grasslands in Satara—a perfect spot to spot the majestic Cheetah. Our mission? To find one of these magnificent cats, so we’ll be on the lookout as we explore the landscape.

After the exciting morning drive, we head back to camp for a hearty breakfast, getting ready for the next part of our journey. The road to Skukuza, our next destination, is 90 kilometers long and offers plenty of chances to spot lions along the way. We’ll make stops at two iconic water points known for attracting a diverse array of animal species, setting the stage for some amazing wildlife encounters.

Arriving at Skukuza around 1 pm, we’ll drop you off by the picturesque Sabie River, where you and your family can enjoy an own-expense lunch at the camp restaurant.

Skukuza, the largest camp in Kruger and the park’s administrative capital, is a haven nestled along the banks of the famous Sabie River, surrounded by captivating riverine forest trees. Your accommodation for the night is the traditional African Rondawels, featuring twin beds, a private washroom with a shower and toilet, a ceiling fan, a fridge, air conditioning, and a small patio.

After lunch, take some time to relax and explore the camp’s abundant facilities. Whether your family fancies a refreshing swim in the pool, a visit to the Park Shop for unique souvenirs, or a leisurely stroll along the picturesque walkway by the Sabie River, the options are endless.

As the afternoon unfolds, we embark on another game drive in the Skukuza area, renowned for its lion sightings. With lion territories in the region, our goal is to locate the impressive pride of 20 members.

To cap off the day, enjoy a memorable dinner under the stars, served in our makeshift bush restaurant, creating an enchanting ambiance as you and your family savor the flavors of the African wilderness.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner


Day 6. Kruger National Park to Johannesburg.

Day 6, the final day of our 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari, is a bittersweet moment, marking the end of an incredible adventure. But fear not, for we have saved some special experiences for this day, ensuring it’s a memorable finale to your wildlife journey!

The day begins at the crack of dawn with an exhilarating sunrise safari drive. We’ll be on the lookout for predators that are more active during these early hours, guided by our expert trackers who know the park like the back of their hand. The African sunrise adds a magical touch to this wildlife quest, creating a picture-perfect start to your day.

After the safari, we head back to camp for a hearty breakfast, providing you with the energy needed for the exciting day ahead. Following breakfast, we depart the camp at 8:30, embarking on a safari drive from the camp to the gate. This drive offers a final opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of Kruger National Park, creating lasting memories of your safari adventure.


From the gate, we journey towards the charming small town of Hazyview, where you’ll have some time to explore and perhaps collect some souvenirs to commemorate your family safari. At 12 , a transfer will be arranged to take you back to Johannesburg.

As you make your way back to Johannesburg, relish the scenic drive and reflect on the incredible experiences shared with your family. It’s essential to note that the transfer is scheduled to arrive in Johannesburg between 5 and 6 pm. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend not booking domestic flights before 8 pm and international flights before 9 pm.

Day 6 encapsulates the final moments of your 6-Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari, offering a balance of thrilling wildlife encounters and a tranquil journey back to the city. Cherish the memories forged in the wild as you travel back to reality, taking with you the stories and experiences that will remain etched in your family’s collective memory.


Meals Included: Breakfast

Included/Excluded in this Safari

Included in this 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari

*All transfers
*Entrance Fees to Kruger National Park
*Kruger Afternoon Safari x 4
*Kruger Morning Safari x 4
*Kruger Night Drive
*Meals (as specified in the day-by-day description)
*All accommodation
*A professional driver/guide and assistant
*All transportation mentioned

Excluded in this 6 Day Kruger and Panorama Family Safari

*No Flights are included
*Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
*Tips: tipping guideline of $10 per person per day for the guide and crew
*Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees and other personal items)
*Entrance Fees to Reptile Park, Elephant Sanctuary, Shangaan Cultural Village, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Jessica the Hippo, birds of prey centre and The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

We provide all children under 12 a 50% discount and under the age of 16 a 25% discount.

We will also provide a group discount if a tour is booked for 4 or more people. Please contact us for more info.

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