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Wild Planet Safari take you safely through the wildest parts of South Africa in search of all the flagship species of African Wildlife on offer as well as through the great cities with their own unique African charm. Our aim is to provide you the true safari experience.

Nights will be spent around campfires in the wild. There will be many great photo opportunities when we explore some of the world heritage sites and national parks. Our focus is on the wildlife in South Africa and we spend most of our time in these areas.

We also visit areas along the South African coast, where beautiful, quiet sun kissed beaches provide the perfect place to relax. For those who enjoy hiking, there are many scenic mountains, pockets of pristine forest and canyons with hiking routes. If you wish to mix wildlife with a bit of culture there are many famous historical sites in South Africa such as rock art galleries, Anglo Boer war battlefields, the Zulu heartland, to name a few.



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“A private safari is undoubtedly the best way to experience a safari in Africa”

Wild Planet Safari prices are highly competitive and our standards are very high. We love what we do and can promise you an amazing adventure. Meals are cooked over the open fire and enjoyed outside. Being a small private company we get the chance to give personal attention and get to know you and together find your favorite animals, birds and plants you want to see. The area in which Wild Planet Safari operate is incredibly diverse and unique and our guides have intimate knowledge of the areas that they guide and know all the hot spots for game viewing. Wild Planet Safari have a wide range of options and if you wish to create your own adventure, we are more than happy to design your dream tour together with you. We have loads of add on`s to choose from should you have the time and wish to see more.

All of the members of Wild Planet Safari are extremely proud of what we do and what we have achieved and we cannot wait to provide you with the best Safari Experience available.

Wild Planet Safari

What is a Private Safari?

A private safari is a safari that has been arranged and will be operated exclusively for you and your partner/family/group of friends. You will be alone in the vehicle with your guide whilst on safari, there will be no other guests. You will have personal access to your guide and he/she will be able to pick up on your interests or disinterests. If you have a special interest in something like birds, your guide will spend time to focus on this interest, alternatively if you are not interested in something like birds for example then your guide will know not to spend too much time watching our feathered friends. If you are a little tired on safari and would like extra time to rest before lunch or afternoon drive or if you would like to spend a little extra time in the bush during the day your guide will make adjustments to suite you , all of this is not easy to achieve on a group safari.

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Why book with Wild Planet Safari?

We are Experts in the field that we operate and our guides are knowledgeable, reliable, fun and entertaining. We have all made our careers doing overnight Safari`s. Our experience and passion is what separates us from the rest, Our guides work for Wild Planet Safari because they Love their work and cannot possibly fathom doing anything else.  Our main focus is on operating Private Safari‘s. A private safari is undoubtedly the best way to experience a safari in Africa. Our guides quickly pick up on your interests and try to provide information that is more suited to you as an individual. You will have exclusive time with your guide throughout your safari and they will always be there to provide information and answer any questions you may have. We have all been trained expertly to do Private Safari`s and this is what we enjoy doing the most.


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What Tours Do Wild Planet Safari Offer?

Wild Planet Safari offer 26 different tours or Safari`s that are split into 4 different categories. The first is our Private Kruger Safari options, these range from 3 to 11 days, the 3 day is an introduction to Kruger while the 11 day explores the park from North to South.

We have family Safari options that have been designed for young minds to enjoy and be entertained, our family tours range from 4 to 14 days and include a huge variety of experiences for the family to enjoy together.

We offer Overland Tours that cover greater distances across South Africa, these tour visit a range of different wilderness area in South Africa and Swaziland.

One of our newer additions is a range of budget Safari options, these tours are operated in small groups of up to 9 and visit various highlights in and around Kruger National Park .


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